Wednesday 10 April at 21.00 pm "Cyber ​​Explosion 2023: is Italy in the crosshairs of attacks? Strategies and threats on the horizon"


In 2023, 2.779 major incidents occurred globally, marking a 12% increase compared to 2022 and indicating an upward trend in cyber attacks.

With a monthly average of 232 attacks, last April saw a peak of 270 attacks, the highest ever recorded.

The severity of the attacks was judged high or critical in 81% of cases (Clusit Report 2024)

What is the cyber situation in Italy?

Why are there more and more attacks?

What are the new threats?

Possible defense strategies?

We will try to shed light on the situation, Wednesday 10 April at 21.00pmIn the company of Alessandro Rugolo, Andrew Castellano, Carlo Mauceli, Simone CossuFabrizio Gergely e Federica Maria Rita Levelli.

See you there!