Wednesday 24 April at 21.00 pm "Interview with General Bertolini: is the common man dual use?"


"You must therefore know how there are two generations of fighting: one, with laws; the other, with force. The first belongs to man; the second, to beasts. But because the first is often not enough, it is better resort to the second..." (Niccolo Machiavelli)

While some think that the war on the horizon is a problem of weapons (and money to buy them), of personnel (and money to recruit them or prevent them from fleeing), and of funds (and money to pay interests which are not already we can cover...), simple people, especially those who have lived the experience of combat, have very different memories from what is commonly told.

The most honest non-"insiders" have a vision of war that is, if not romantic, certainly stereotyped. There are those who have read many books and even know that in reality there is no "good death" on the battlefield... Yes, because in war it is not just a question of dying (easy), but of killing. There are those who will do it 5.000 kilometers away in front of a screen, but some of the soldiers will have to do it by looking "himself" in the eyes and take a life. A "cursed" job but, in frequent moments of history, necessary.

Are men and women accustomed for decades to working as "employees" in Defense really ready?

Will men and women accustomed for years to acting as guards or companions of public security agents be capable of brutalizing their own souls to fulfill even a sacred duty?

Having transformed a mission in a "deployment", would it have been the worst sabotage for the Italian Defense?

Will the rhetoric, the beautiful speeches read (and almost never written by one's own hand!!!) or the crocodile tears satiate the answers that one day could be - by popular acclaim - demanded and not "granted"?

We will discuss it calmly Wednesday 24 April at 21.00pm together with the general Marco Bertolini.

See you there!

Photo: X - Ukraine MoD