Friday 21 October at 14.00 pm SINGLE USE: "Bomb or not bomb?"


The current war scenarios oblige Italy to adapt. We talk about the maximum systems (weapons): drones, components, cyber, hypersonic threats ... but then our soldiers find themselves supplied with hand grenades from 1935!

Is the soldier on the ground still important for Defense or will he be noticed only when it is too late?

Is the real war in Ukraine fought in talk shaws or in the trenches?

Individual equipment is anachronistic equipment or daily bread who is he fighting for?

We discuss it Friday 21 October at 14.00 pm together with Tiziano Ciocchetti, the head of the newspaper's "military world" area, in a new episode of "Single Use" (Defense Online's Facebook and YouTube social channels).

We look forward to meeting your questions, live or in advance at!

Photo: Italian Army