Yes I can!

(To Gino Lanzara)

It is death that beats time; it is death that marks the moments of history. Because there is no doubt about one thing: as has already happened for other politicians, public life marks the times and stigmatizes every moment. It is the duty that must be paid.

Silvio Berlusconi was a divisive politician, with a character disinclined to alchemical exteriority a la Cencelli and more inclined to boutade, especially when unexpected and sometimes not appropriate, but accompanied by uncommon intelligence and intuition.

However, it is his life that speaks for him: from entertainer to successful entrepreneur in a rampant Milan. It was the symbol of "yes I can" Italian style, whether you like it or not. Perhaps it was precisely this that polarized the dark side of him, the one that quickly made us forget the diplomatic success of Pratica di Mare.

It's like this for everyone, life doesn't give discounts. We don't like singing and singing praises among occasion coryphaeus, but we don't even think we can make fun of a man out of pure party pique. He is not in our ropes. Also because, for better or worse, the cover that outlines Berlusconi called to the final judgement, well, that's ready for everyone.