At this point Italy could still be a monarchy


The new president of Afghanistan will officially take office on Monday. A few days ago, the results of the verification of the independent electoral commission, the one in charge of recounting the votes after the losing candidate had reported fraud, confirmed the winner of the competition in the former finance minister Ashraf Ghani Ahmadzai.


If the headline was not Online Defense what was written could be more than exhaustive. Since it is, I will tell you a story ...

At the beginning of June, a week after the run-off in Afghanistan between the candidate Abdullah Abdullah, who had obtained the 45% of the votes in the first round, and the candidate Ashraf Ghani Ahmadzai, who had instead obtained the 31,56% of the preferences, calls me an Afghan friend near the first one. He tells me - seriously alarmed - of a plan in place to overturn the result with even the will to reduce the share of consensus of those who had established themselves as the most likely winner.

What would you have done in my place?

I wrote a piece warning of the danger of electoral fraud that would have nullified years of work and the dear tribute of blood from Italy to Afghanistan. However, despite the warnings that had come to me, I did not believe for a moment that we could subvert so much an electoral result: it was not a head-to-head, it was a run-off between those who had already won and an unlikely challenger who had not not even "abolished the ICI" ...

As announced, in the second round those who obtained the 45% fell to 43,56% and those who had reached the 31,56% more than doubled the votes by winning with an 56,44%.

An unacceptable result for any intelligent being. An insult.

That then at a ballot the number of voters rises above 40% is simply ridiculous.

Of course, I am not contesting the outcome of the Afghan elections, I am just stating that electoral phenomena of this magnitude do not occur in the real world. Perhaps in some political fiction novel that is closed and trashed when reading a similar passage to the cry of "whores!".

Well, today many may think that in Afghanistan, a government that does not represent the Afghan people has been maliciously installed by the largest exporters of democracy in the world. And this in the most delicate moment, that of the drastic decrease of international forces. An extraordinary gift for those who have never accepted this presence recognized the governments of the last 13 years.

The only thought that I have now in mind is: "if such a macroscopic fraud has been possible in our days, who assures me that a few years ago in Italy, in a much less clear and predictable comparison, the same thing did not happen in the referendum choice between monarchy and republic "?

Andrea Cucco

(in the photo the American Secretary of State John Kerry and the outgoing Afghan President Hamid Karzai)