Has Putin understood Xi Jinping's masterpiece?

(To Andrea Cucco)

In the past week, much has been written in the media about Xi Jinping's trip to Moscow.

Going back 15 months, however, I would like to recall one aspect: Is it possible that the Russian war in Ukraine was only led by the USA?

Of course, there have been 8 years of military preparations in Ukraine. Surely several US governments, with ups and downs, have maintained relationships and invested billions in a substantially "failed" country which - since last year - has inevitably seen the "bill" discharged to Europe.

On February 24, 2022, Putin fell into a "trap": the US president, faced with a potential invasion, threatened "sanctions". It was a blatant “red carpet,” a call to action. But without a internal support, the "trap" would never have been triggered.

An intelligence "mistake"? We're not kidding! The consequences were the failure of the attempt to obtain a quick victory with few forces and over a quarter of a million, between dead and wounded. But this is news and surface…

What really happened?

The absolute winner is (for now) China. Historical antagonist of Russia and with a chronic hunger for energy resources, it finds itself a neighbor in difficulty; offers itself, at bargain prices (true "friends" can be seen precisely in times of need), to purchase energy production, shares in companies (including military ones) and proceeds with the demographic occupation of eastern Russia. Recall that China has ten times the population with an area that is half that of Russia.

Will the actual conflict on the calendar be the United States against Russia? Negative: it will be between China (and its forced friends and allies) against USA and India (and them real friends and allies).

It is therefore right that, whoever (most likely) contributed to triggering the conflict e derive profit by reinforcing its position in view of the real war, can it act as a "dove of peace"?

So is Chinese friendship towards Russia really sincere or does it seem more like a visit by an arsonist to one of his victims?

Does Russia, as Italy once did, want to get drawn into something bigger, unjust and disastrous?

Unless they switched from the game of chess to that of checkers, shouldn't Moscow check whether the intelligence leaders arrested last year had direct or mediated (...) relations with China?

Photo: Kremlin