New column coming soon: DOT!

(To Andrea Cucco)

Soon, on Online Defense YouTube channel, we will inaugurate a new section: DOT - "Defense On Target".

We will explore the world of firearms with teachings, experiences, tests and demonstrations at the range.

With the help of lawyers, we will also take care of the current legislation.

With this new series of episodes, a preview for channel subscribers (within a few days of activation), we will try to answer readers' questions thanks to the availability of (real) professionals in the sector.

You can already send your questions to the address

The first episodes will concern:

• classification of common and military weapons;

• national legislation on quantity and detention;

• safety in the handling of firearms; the choice of handgun according to needs;

• dedicated accessories according to uses;

• introduction to ARs with historical references and how they are classified according to their use: AR-BR-DMR;

• the direction in which the major manufacturers of weapons are going;

• the use of assault rifles;

• importance of weapon maintenance;

• iron sight;

• red dot systems;

• fixed magnification optics;

• optics with variable magnifications.