Horror followed by a mistake

(To Andrea Cucco)

There are many aspects that are part of War. Among these the massacre of civilians. For almost a century - now - "custom".

The prohibition on deliberately targeting defenseless populations is, however, a key principle of International Humanitarian Law. And not from today: the Hague Conventions (1899 and 1907), then Geneva (1949) with the related Additional Protocols (1977) have indicated to the world clear limits to the suffering that can (“should”) be implemented in a conflict. Previous history also tells of international agreements and "declarations", symptoms of enlightened humanity aimed at protecting innocents.

Israel has always lived in a state of war. The girls, those who a few days ago were dancing carefree in the desert, only a few decades earlier would have had a rifle at their side.

The attack resulted in hundreds of victims for Israel (around 700) and an unknown number of kidnappings.

What has never been seen is not the number of children who lost their lives, but rather the violence inflicted on them and disclosed with sadism (photo).

I am absolutely certain that, to reach such madness, anger can only have matured over decades of screams, pain and tears. I'm sure the Palestinian victims under 18 could make a mountain. At the same time, I am sure that, when this pain is "managed" in the media with certain images, a suicide.

Whoever deliberately puts his hands on a child has lost. He has and must not have a chance! Death for such a mistake should be coveted daily, once in the hands of Justice.

Who will now join the (for now "non-radioactive") clearing that the territories infested by Hamas are about to become?

Surely such a well-coordinated and financed plan could not have been born without the support of – at least – a foreign state.

The question is: given the turn events are about to take, will all the actors go on stage? Or was the reaction expected and desired?


Hezbollah will be able to exist for a long time without the support of the Iranian regime. But he will not survive if he is jointly responsible for what we have seen in recent days towards simple children.

He knows that the world can tolerate an almost infinite number of corpses in uniform, but not the sight of innocents in cages or in the hands of torturers.


There are still many doubts about Syrian involvement. Certainly the massacre that occurred last week at the Military Academy in Homs (100 dead and 200 injured, including civilians), by a suicide drone, may not exclude understandable desires for revenge.

However, we cannot forget that the first Syrian soldiers, close to the Yom Kippur War 50 years ago, were sent to protect their Jewish fellow citizens in Damascus: for Assad the conflict was a "political" act and no fool should mistake it for other.

Iran (formerly "Persia")

@ISTANDWITHISRAEL ("I am on Israel's side") is thehashtag which is going viral among Iranians. If what happened is an attempt by the Tehran regime to survive, it could prove to be a boomerang and the final blow.

Once the work in Israel is done, the civilized world will have to deal resolutely of the regime, "terminating" it with help enthusiastic of the population. An ancient people who could soon return to proudly calling themselves "Persian".

Photo: collage X and Tik Tok