The Communist Party's shameful irony about the massacre in India

(To David Rossi)

Yesterday on its Weibo profile (the Twitter of dictatorial China) the legal affairs section of the Chinese Communist Party mocked the tragedy caused by COVID-19 in India by comparing the fire that originates from the engines of the Chinese rocket that left last week on a space mission with that of the Indian funeral pyres that consume the bodies of coronavirus victims in Indian city parks. Translation from Mandarin Chinese: How the fire is lit in China and how it is lit in India.

It doesn't make you laugh even a little. Indeed, it makes you want to paraphrase Henryk Sienkiewicz's Petronius writing to Nero, in this case the Chinese Communist Party: for a little over seventy years to be born under your power is a terrible mockery and to die there is the only joy.

You can be forgiven for the extermination of hundreds of millions of human beings, for preventing the birth of tens of millions of female fetuses, the devastation of ecosystems, for invading the world with your cheap products and the easy corruption of the elites. foreigners, but this time you cannot be forgiven for this crime: having tried to make irony, having tried to come up with a sadistic laugh about a massacre of which you bear the stigmata of guilt.

Stick to your specialties, dear Chinese Communist Party: the re-education camps and illegal state aid, the genocide of minorities and the oppression of opponents. Torture, deceive and dominate living beings, but do not try to rape the laughter and irony, which are only worthy of free men.

Having said that, dear Chinese Communist Party, take away some curiosity from those who, like the writer, have never believed for a second that the sars-cov-2 had "escaped" from your laboratory and therefore cannot be accused of conspiracy ...

Why does the People's Republic, with its 1,4 billion inhabitants, claim to have fewer cases than Kyrgyzstan, which is as populous as Rome?

Why, in a ... natural way, among the Mongolian populations, genetically similar to each other, the sars-cov-2 seems to circulate, so to speak, with the second gear instead of the sixth as in the rest of the world?

And why between August and October 2019, when the hospitals of the Hubei region were full of cases of atypical pneumonia, you allowed the organization of the basketball world cup, women's tennis open and above all military games with athletes and managers who, in the months that followed, were they unconsciously vehicles for the transmission of viruses around the world? Will it be a coincidence that all the military present in Wuhan in the fall of 2019 have had the delivery of silence? A conspiracy newspaper does not write it: just read the Corriere della Sera (see link).

Sometimes I feel like I've taken a stress test. A stress test, among other things, useful to postpone the military confrontation between the United States and China for a generation. Who hasn't it seemed to? And this thing, really, is not funny.