Recreation is over but Italy has not heard the bell

(To Tiziano Ciocchetti)

The Russian-Ukrainian war woke the West from its "long sleep". Almost eighty years of peace (the Yugoslav Wars were only an exception) had deluded us that conventional conflicts were just a legacy of the past, that wars would be fought through attacks cyber and economic sanctions.

Four days ago, however, Russia demonstrated that tanks, artillery and infantry are still key assets in high-intensity conflicts.

Already on the first day of the war, the Russian airborne forces, with helipad actions, attacked the strategic Ukrainian targets (Hostomel airport, in the suburbs of Kiev), while the amphibious troops of the Black Sea Fleet hit Odessa and Mariupol.

NATO and the Europeans, after an initial moment of dismay, have begun to react more or less homogeneously.

What should be highlighted is that for the first time in history, an American president faces an international crisis by setting aside any use of military force a priori.

Of course, the path of economic sanctions, even on a personal level, remains the best weapon in the hands of Westerners, but NATO seems to want to supply Ukraine with weapons to enable it to resist the Russian attack. Yesterday's news that Germany will send 1.000 anti-tank systems (possibly c / c missiles) to Ukraine Spike) and 500 short-range anti-aircraft missiles Stinger. Poland is already sending ammunition supplies across the Ukrainian border and the Netherlands, Sweden and France have also declared their willingness to help Kiev militarily.


After a parliamentary debate in which the secretary of PD Letta (certainly not a daring one) expressed himself in very harsh tones towards Moscow, the Draghi executive fired a "very heavy" decree to help the Ukrainian people to repel the Russian invasion .

To the Art. 2 of the aforementioned decree, on 25 February 2022 the government authorized the expenditure of 12 million euros for the transfer, free of charge, of military equipment and materials NON-lethal protection to the government authorities of Ukraine.

Other nations send ammunition and anti-tank systems, but we send non-lethal equipment! I believe that the Ukrainian people will thank us endlessly.

On the other hand, ours is the country in which, for decades, people have continued to invest in very expensive - and, in a conventional conflict, useless - busways. While the armored component consists of very few efficient means and in any case lacking real effective capabilities.

If it happens that Italy also needs external aid, maybe someone will send us "non-lethal" equipment.

Photo: Twitter / presidency of the council of ministers