Does the SMD boss follow the (wrong) path of some pro-Chinese politicians?

(To Tiziano Ciocchetti)

Defense Chief of Staff Admiral Giuseppe Cavo Dragone recently completed an institutional visit to Pakistan. The visit is part of the initiatives for the development of bilateral relations between the countries of the so-called "Enlarged Mediterranean", in its broadest sense, of which Pakistan is one of the leaders.

Cavo Dragone met, among others, the leaders of the Defense of Islamabad, highlighting the further strengthening of security cooperation, in particular in the field of the defense industry.

Well it seems to us that the wrong relationships are being treated. As our readers know Pakistan is a China's iron ally. The Asian state is on the crossing line of the "New Silk Road" (trapped by the debts contracted with China itself to build the necessary infrastructure) and one of the largest arms buyers in Beijing.

Fincantieri has a series of naval orders with India, historical enemy of Pakistan, while the latter buys combat units from China, moreover of dubious operational capabilities (we are talking about the stealth corvette class azmat).

In short, despite the world's attention being focused on the conflict in Ukraine, in the Indian Ocean and South Pacific area, for some time now, the lines for the next conflict between China and the United States are emerging.

Italian diplomacy gets by with outdated Byzantinisms; could work during the Cold War, when we were in dialogue with both Israelis and Palestinians (and with Hezbollah).

In the current World Order, relations with Pakistan (and therefore with China) appear more than anything else the result of a "particular interest" of some Italian politicians, rather than a precise strategic line for the benefit of Italy.