Guerini, móchela!

(To Andrea Cucco)

Yesterday in Bulgaria, in the Novo Selo base, the transfer to Italy of the command of the NATO Enhanced Vigilance Activity Battle Group.

Could our soldiers take office without a "motivating" speech from the defense minister? The answer is "yes", it would have been better to avoid yet another supercazzola!

The RAI colleague following Minister Guerini has in fact divulged on video what was not shown in all its gravity in the images released by the Ministry of Defense: the inadequacy of our means to serious war tasks.

While on the various defense channels they have been (slyly?) Attached exclusively ceremonial images that did not show how much "the king was naked", the state TV videos - with the journalist's relative enthusiasm in good faith - showed the structures with which Italy should defend the Bulgarian front: wheeled armored vehicles, or means from peacekeeping.

The interview also took on a comic character when Guerini spoke of recognition of our role within the Atlantic Alliance ...

Dear minister (outgoing ...), if you haven't noticed it in three years, we'll explain it to you: Bulgaria's protective role is entrusted to the poorest ally who presents himself to a potential Serie A match ... in slippers! Yes, there was a recognition of our "shortcomings" with a dutiful assignment to a quiet area. If he doesn't even understand it now - we repeat - after three years, it means that he has not paid enough attention or has been taken for a ride. In both cases the responsibility will always be of him !!! Unfortunately, the price is paid and our soldiers will pay for a long time and we hope it will never be the highest.

If we had had more adequate means for the risks or tasks, as the Air Force has been discovering for years, we would have been employed on different and more advanced fronts.

The defense statement concludes that lhe foreign visit of Minister Guerini will continue odays in Niger, where the Italian Armed Forces are engaged in a delicate mission aimed at providing a contribution to the stability and security of the Sahel, an area of ​​great strategic importance.

Ricaro Minister, the "strategic importance" of that area - for a change - does not matter directly Italy. If you can, at least you talk less over there. Someone could translate his words from Italian for poor Italians: the locals are already pissed off at them and may not take them well ...

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