Yesterday's attacks in France and Saudi Arabia: blasphemous human sacrifices that raise questions

(To David Rossi)

Yesterday's attacks in Nice and Jeddah (and perhaps in Avignon ...) did not happen in one day and in two random countries. Yesterday was, in fact, the birthday of Mohammed, the prophet and founder of the Islamic religion: the slaughter of prof. Paty had taken place generically on a Friday, this time the butchers of the crescent chose an important Muslim holiday.

The terrorists have struck, in ways that are more like human sacrifices to pagan gods than attacks, in President Macron's France and Mohamed bin Salman's Saudi Arabia.

On closer inspection, the places are both religious in different ways: if in Nice the terrorist struck inside a Catholic cathedral, in Saudi Arabia it took place in the province of Mecca, where Jeddah is located, that is distance from the (super protected) holy places of Islam. Therefore, we can well say that the attacks were both deliberately blasphemous, moving against, from an Islamist point of view, the "crusaders" and the "corrupt keepers" of the Meccan shrines in symbolic places of the two religions and, so to speak, inside of the "sacred enclosure".

All this happened on the important birthday party of the founder of Islam himself. The circle closes.

Some doubts remain:

  • Saudi Arabia was the only large Muslim country to distance itself from the anti-French protests staged by Erdogan and by Islamic leaders in a crisis of ideas and identity following him.
  • The city of Nice was the site, in 2016, of one of the bloodiest Islamist attacks in Europe, so it was not chosen by chance.
  • In Italy, the Nice bomber was a very worthy person, to be released on the loose with a simple expulsion order after quarantine.

Fortunately, the French special forces captured the terrorist Aoussaoui alive, even if seriously wounded: evidently, in such cases, the order now is not to shoot down the slaughterer but, so to speak, to deliver him alive and present to himself. same to investigators.

We have the impression that someone in Tunisia, Turkey and Italy would have preferred him dead ...