National day in memory of the victims of the coronavirus epidemic… and the Defense still has the “COVI”???

(To Andrea Cucco)

“In the image of the sad procession that paraded here three years ago there is not only pain, there is also Italy's redemption. There is a State that does what it must, there is Defense for the community. Today's Day is not only a symbol of pain but of a community that reacts at the worst moment".

With these exact words the Minister of Defense, Guido Crosetto, commemorated the day before yesterday in Bergamo National day in memory of the victims of the coronavirus epidemic together with civil and military authorities.

On the real reasons and on the mismanagement of the Pandemic, in another place (or in other squares...) one day justice will be done, however it is certain that on the term Covid it cannot and must not be misunderstood. It therefore seems absurd that the ex extraordinary commissioner for the COVID-19 emergency, both at the head of a command which, since July 2021 has changed the name from COI to covid.

Maybe the assonance will be just a personal impression but hearing about coperational order of joint top management (COVI) of Defense (might as well call it COVID directly! ) makes the guts twist.

The count of Italian victims of the Pandemic is close to 190.000 and we have all had a relative, friend or acquaintance who lost their life in the last three years.

The question for the Minister of Defense is therefore simple and clear: "Is it possible to change the acronym of a Defense command, out of respect - or even just 'for the avoidance of doubt' - towards our dead?"

I don't know about you but, like when I hear about the CIA, I think of the famous US spy agency and not the Italian farmers' confederation, when I hear the 4 letters COVI – instinctively – I really think of a "period of grief" that our country has sadly crossed. With or without “D”!

I trust the minister of a "community that reacts at the worst moment"will do the same. If only for being late (he wasn't in office then, but he is today!) "Good taste" and respect for it.

Photo: Ministry of Defense