Bonino and Mancini blow up the spectrum of capital punishment with a bunch of flowers


Minister Bonino 11 last November had deserted the Europe-Asia (ASEM) meeting held in Delhi and had limited Italian representation, in an international context that instead hosted 37 Foreign Ministers, with the sole participation of a Foreign Ministry official, not even a General Manager of the geographical area.

A decision motivated by the same Minister as a sign of dissent against India for the Indian side of the story of the two Fucilieri of Marina Massimiliano Latorre and Salvatore Girone, for whom in those days the percolation reappeared on the horizon of the death penalty.

An important diplomatic firmness if the action of our local diplomacy continued to follow the path of non-involvement in official initiatives. However, it was not seen today that the only one after two weeks, the November 25, the Italian Ambassador in Delhi led an Italian mission in the Indian state of Gujarat undisputed garrison for over a decade by the leader of the nationalist party Indian Nagreda Modi.

Ways, most likely future Indian Prime Minister after the elections of next spring, always firm and tenacious hard-line advocate against our two Navy Riflemen for two years hostage in Delhi and whose possible victory would have predicted difficult times for the each other in progress. Concerns also shared a few days ago by Minister Bonino and the Government Commissioner de Mistura, who saw in Modi a possible obstacle to the hoped-for "quick and fair" solution, a dominant thought of the two.

Two months ago, the weekly magazine Panorama and the newspaper Il Giornale inform us that they also propose the photograph of a floral exchange between Modi and the smug and smiling Italian Ambassador.

An initiative is that of the Ambassador who is authorized to think that he is part of a diplomatic program shared and approved by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, as it is a formal act against an Indian political exponent, aspiring Premier.

An event that, in any case, diverges from the policy of "detachment" announced by Minister Bonino, and is difficult to understand, despite the paces of the pragmatism that often characterized diplomacy, as occurred at a moment of extreme tension on the diplomatic and political level between India and Italy and involving the fate of two Italian soldiers.

Rather, it would rather represent the continuation of a process that had already started when the former Premier Monti in March reported in Parliament the reasons for the return to Indian justice of Latorre and Girone and, as seems to recall, he also referred to the protection of economic interests. Italians in that country.

Hypothesis enough concrete if we consider, moreover, that in the body of the article published by Il Giornale "that Italian-India incience to the face of the two Maro '" a box is highlighted in which we talk about the Italian business advancing in India with Milanese companies on a mission to Mumbai.

We are, therefore, in front of the confirmation that our children have been sold for thirty dollars as we have been able to write in these pages the 25 October 2013 (, which leaves appalling and perhaps makes the words of Minister Bonino clearer when he spoke, in November, of "confidential diplomacy".

If confidentiality means publicly announcing not to participate in international meetings of primary importance, even from an economic point of view such as ASEM, and at the same time authorizing or only sharing the initiatives of Ambassador Mancini, which we are talking about today, the aim has been achieved.

However, it has not gained the transparency that the Foreign Minister representing Italians in the world should guarantee to their fellow citizens, particularly in the context of an event involving two Italian soldiers surrendered to the undue judgment of a third State, on whose fate Minister Bonino continues to "hope and hope", but without obtaining concrete results unless a bunch of flowers is donated to one of his ambassadors.

Others have resigned for much less, but the sense of the state does not seem to be interpreted and applied by everyone in equal measure!


Fernando Termentini, 23 January 2014 - 14,00 hours