Rising Defense Spending: If Not Today, When?

(To Andrea Cucco)

The Italian rhetoric of "With all the problems that exist, this is not the right time" it is electorally understandable but denotes the traditional lack of knowledge of a national dimension, that of defense.

The 2% of GDP commitment to Defense has been in the calendar for over 3 decades, that is to say since 2006 and was reaffirmed in 2014. Does anyone stress that Parliament has never approved the agreements? Well, then explain what are the ministers and presidents of the council for if their signature is zero in international fora ... Do they travel in a personal capacity or represent Italy ???

The problem is that, in the country where governments last on average just over a year, no one has NEVER taken seriously the burden of telling their constituents that we should ANYWAY have reached that quota. That was until last month's earthquake ...

What do we do in the face of war? We call it "special operation" (we too) not to see our inadequacy to face it militarily, economically and above all culturally ???

But in decades, has nothing really been done?

The "international scam" of the inclusion of the Carabinieri budget within the "Defense Function" of the budget of the homonymous ministry. Of course, we all love and respect the Praise and we see her engaged in police duties on a daily basis. If her maintenance were taken over by the Ministry of Health or Equal Opportunities, wouldn't we raise an eyebrow? Why, working mainly under the Ministry of the Interior, does it not weigh (even partially) on the respective budget?

5 years ago the State Forestry Corps was then merged into the Arma. At whose final charge? Always of Defense ...

Does 1,3-1,4% seem too much for years? Do you think that the real value without the weapon would be 0,8% -0,9%!

Rightly it will be observed: "Come on, let's not joke! With so little, paid the salaries, how was it possible to maintain a minimum credibility in terms of means?"

Here is the national mandrakata: the weapons have been described as "dual use" !!!

Thus, acquisitions, for example, of ships and drones (punctually disarmed or poorly equipped) were allowed and the political-media problem was circumvented: the hot potato of expenses is spread with other departments such as that of economic development and the ignorant people (and ox ) does not grieve too much.

To cut personnel, the generational turnover was then reduced to a flicker: the average age of the military is close to 40 years!

On Sunday the last minister on duty in via XX Settembre (photo) commented on TV: "Italy is a serious country and wants to continue to be so ".

The harsh reality is that Italy should have for a long time being a serious country e should try at least now to become one by making a correct defense budget that has seen resources stolen from the military for decades ("so they don't complain"?).

The usual campaign of a single party is not needed now, we need to understand - finally - that the men and women who wear a uniform represent, like few others in the country, the state. And as such they must be respected and "defended" by all.

In such a serious moment, the only belated discussion of whether to increase investment in defense is ridiculous.

This, unless the politicians to whom our unarmed military are enslaved do not serve the interests of other countries. In this case the term in question changes ...

The only exception to these arguments today can only be one: “conservation”. If, with armed forces that have become deterrent and credible, we will eunucially continue to cede territorial sovereignty and turn around again in the face of tests of strength or turn our gaze again elsewhere in the face of violence, we might as well give up!

We might as well go back and shut ourselves up in the house and wait for the death of a dying Italy, with too many gravediggers around it intent on digging its grave and no citizen to defend it.

Photo: presidency of the council of ministers / ministry of defense