The Navy wins the C.te AJMONE CAT Trophy

(To Marina Militare)

On 2 July in the waters of Anzio, the Navy was awarded the "C.te AJMONE CAT Trophy" with the J24 boat Harpoon of the sailing section of Anzio. The boat, helmed by Michele Potenza crewed by Italo Paulini, Mauro Baiocco and Lorenzo Scala, prevailed over a fleet of twelve boats, conquering first place overall and first place in the J24 category.

First place for the Navy also in the high seas class with the First 36.7 Cygnus of the Sailing Section of Anzio helmed by Rear Admiral Vito Lacerenza, president of the section, crewed by Domenico Carbone, Gianpaolo Bono, Alberto Bartolomeo, Francesco Colangelo, Giovanni Salomone and Juri Balzano.

The sailing event, organized by sailing club in Rome in collaboration with the local clubs, and sponsored by the Navy, it was held on the occasion of the re-enactment of the 50th anniversary of the second Antarctic Expedition of the sailing ship St. Joseph Two, celebrated as usual with the "C.te AJMONE CAT Trophy" now in its seventh edition.

It was precisely from Anzio that, on 1 July 1973 with his lateen-rigged vessel, the second voyage to the Antarctic of the epic navigator Giovanni AJMONE CAT set off. Four non-commissioned officers of the Navy also took part in the expedition, the 2nd Chief Mario Camilli, the 2nd Chief Tito Mancini, the sgt. Giovanni Federici and the sgt. Giancarlo Faith. For these expeditions, the commander AJOMNE CAT was awarded two gold medals: one conferred on him for merit by the Italian Navy and the other by the municipality of Anzio, as a fellow citizen and base port for both expeditions.