BR Antares wins the XLIX Carnival Cup & the Viareggio Carnival Trophy

(To Marina Militare)

​The Racing Boat Antares of the Sailing Section of Livorno, helmed by prof. Paolo Carnevali and conducted by frequenters of the Naval Academy, wins the XLIX Carnival Cup & the Viareggio Carnival Trophy which took place on 23 and 24 March 2024 in the waters off the Tuscan coast.

The boat Antares It is the racing boat of the IMX 40 type that since 2002 has been used by the students of the Naval Academy of Livorno at their peak in the sailing education and training course that they carry out in the Institute during the course years.

This year also came the deserved recognition of the efforts made with the victory of the "Carnival Cup", a competition in which Antares - already 2nd place in the last edition - placed 1st in the "ORC" category Overall.

The sailing competition took place over three overall trials. The crews had the opportunity to face and manage various weather conditions, from almost calm to strong and gusty winds that blew through the sails at a speed of up to 20-25 knots. Antares, with its gray sails unfurled, faced the three trials with careful tactical choice and meticulous sail adjustment, finishing first in all three trials, taking the top step of the podium.

“This result was the fruit of a long period of preparation and training, which began for us three years ago when we entered the Naval Academy. Today we reap the benefits with this important result. I think the main ingredient of this success was the sense of teamwork that distinguished us. Sense of crew that is taught to us from the first days in the Academy as an essential feeling that must characterize those who go to sea", these are the words of the aspiring midshipman Luca D'addario who pronounced upon returning from the regatta under the proud gaze of the prof. Paolo Carnevali, Skipper of Antares and Naval Academy sailing instructor.