The 2023 summer sailing courses organized by the Navy have begun

(To Marina Militare)

On July 4th, the summer sailing courses dedicated to boys aged 14 to 17 were launched, which the Navy traditionally organizes with the support and collaboration of the youth policy department of the Prime Minister's Office.

The Naval Academy of Livorno, the Military Naval School Morosini of Venice and the Officers' School of La Maddalena have therefore regularly welcomed the young frequenters and started the first of the two rounds in which the sailing courses are structured, welcoming 150 of the 300 boys who, having been born in the years 2006/2007/2008 and having attended successfully in the school year 2022/2023 a second grade secondary school, have the opportunity to have a valuable experience of a human and sporting nature realized in the environments where the Armed Force develops the training of its "crew".

On the occasion of the start of the courses, a delegation from the Department for Youth Policies, accompanied by the chief of the sailing office of the general staff and director of Marivela, vessel captain Giuseppe Cannatà, visited the Naval Academy of Livorno welcomed by Rear Admiral Lorenzano Di Renzo and his staff. The delegation was able to visit the places and facilities of the Institute where the courses will take place and, above all, to meet the 80 young visitors destined for the Livorno branch. During the meeting, the importance of the initiatives that have to do with the maritime environment and which bring people closer to the disciplines in which the sea is the protagonist, among which the sport of sailing, was underlined. A discipline which, by its nature, strengthens the spirit of initiative and the sense of responsibility and is capable of increasing the ability to work as a team, enhancing leadership qualities through continuous confrontation with the difficulties inherent in the marine environment and in the conduct of boats sailing.

The current shift will be completed on July 14th and subsequently, on July 18th, another 150 boys will take turns attending the summer sailing courses in the Livorno, La Maddalena and Venice offices. For the good and lucky young participants we wish a serene and fruitful period as guests of the Armed Forces wishing them our most heartfelt "Good wind"!