Delivery of Army military sports licenses (BSME)

(To Army Majority State)

The Chief of Staff of the Army, Army Corps General Pietro Serino, delivered, inside the Central Military Library of the Army Palace, the Army military sports licenses to 8 soldiers, including a woman, who passed the required tests with a minimum score of 5.000 points overall.

The BSME falls within the scope of the measures aimed at increasing the physical qualities of the soldier, established in 2018 with the aim of nourishing the "sporting spirit" of which the Army is the promoter, developing the ability of personnel to apply themselves in the various disciplines military. The BSME descends, in technical/regulatory references, from the military pentathlon of international military sports council (CISM), recognized as a military sport par excellence which is widely spread in the Armed Forces, as it includes disciplines capable of enhancing the physical abilities of the soldier and allows, through its practice, to increase the psychophysical performance of the personnel.

In complimenting the military personnel, General Serino underlined the importance of this initiative of excellence of the Army, underlining that “the concept of soldier-citizen-athlete is, today as in ancient times, united in a single figure and you are the physical representation of this trinomial”.