CONI's highest honor granted to three athletes in the ranks of the Army sports group

(To Army Majority State)

The traditional award ceremony took place in the monumental gymnasium of the Foro Italico Golden Collars 2023, an important sporting recognition also granted to three athletes from the Army sports group.

In the presence of the Army chief of staff, Army Corps General Pietro Serino and the highest officials of the national sports bodies, the CONI president Giovanni Malagò presented the important sporting recognition to the grd. sc. Gabriele Cimini (Fencing), effective Bersagliere at the Army Olympic Sports Center, at the grd. sc. Marta Bassino (Alpine Skiing) and grd. sc. Samuela Comola (Biathlon) both active Alpine athletes at the sports activities department of Courmayeur.

Il Golden Collar for Sporting Merit, established in 1955, is the highest honor awarded by CONI to Italian athletes who have achieved excellent results, such as the podium at the Olympics or world championships and to sports clubs, established for at least 100 years and which have brought prestige to Italian sport .

Il Army sports center, in technical connection with the sports structures of the Armed Forces where the military technicians and athletes are employed (Army Olympic sports center, military horse riding center, sports activities department of Courmayeur and Pisa), is the technical organizational structure responsible for to the management of excellent and high-level sport for the Army.