Toys and garments for children of the "House of Peace"


Today the soldiers of the Italian contingent in Kosovo have donated toys and clothing to children hosted by the "House of Peace" in Bec in the province of Gjakova where the Sisters of the Order of St. Basil the Great run a didactic center for children.

The "House of Peace", founded a few months after the end of hostilities in Kosovo (1999) by the Basilian nuns and thanks to the help of the Italian contingent's military, was built a structure capable of hosting fifty children belonging to different ethnicities and religions

In addition to providing maternal education, the structure assists, several children with learning difficulties.

The Italian military from 14 years contribute to guarantee the security to the local populations of every ethnic group and they work to favor the economy and to facilitate the progress in this difficult area of ​​the Balkans. With this project of civil and military cooperation (CIMIC) we want to confirm the attention placed in particular in the childhood, hope and future of the Kosovar people.

Source: SMD