Safe Mediterranean Operation - Safe Seabed

(To Marina Militare)

From 06 to 13 July the minesweeper Chioggia of the Navy, already included in the Operation mechanism Safe Mediterranean, has been designated to carry out theSafe Seabed Operation (OFS), monitoring of gas pipelines and cable ducts in the Strait of Sicily, of strong national strategic interest for the country's energy supply.

The vessel equipped with unique equipment of its kind (high performance sonar and equipment capable of visually inspecting the seabed up to 1500 meters, ROV - Remotely Operated Vehicle), during its stay in the area, it inspected the pipelines creating a detailed mapping of the neighboring seabed.

L'Safe Seabed Operation falls within the maritime surveillance activities carried out by the Navy's aeronautical structures with the aim of guaranteeing the safety of maritime lines of communication (SLOC - Sea Lines Of Communication) and ensure the protection of national interests and freedom of navigation.