Ship Vespucci passes the Equator line

(To Marina Militare)

In the early morning hours of September 30th, Neptune welcomed the members of the Nave crew into the large family of the "equatorised" Vespucci and the students of the course Hurricane of the Naval Academy of Livorno.

The sailing ship, which is making its second trip around the world, crossed the Equator from North to South in position 00° 00' N – 042° 41' W, off the coast of Brazil: a very rare event, which for the Lady of the Seas had not occurred since her last round-the-world trip, in 2002-2003.

As per the best traditions, the entire Crew celebrated together this very significant and almost unique moment in the life of every sailor: the ceremony of crossing the Equator is an ancient maritime tradition, celebrated on board all the ships that cross the Circle Maximus at latitude 0 with a symbolic "baptism" by the God Neptune. At the end of the celebrations, the solemn flag lowering ceremony was held on the quarterdeck, in which the Commander handed over the certificates of the passage to the newly "equatorised".

After this milestone, the vessel is ready to face the seas once again to continue its undertaking and reach the port of Fortaleza, the first in the Southern Hemisphere, guided by the constellation of the Southern Cross.