Nave San Marco set sail from Brindisi for the 2023 Education Campaign

(To Marina Militare)

It took off last Monday 24 July from Brindisi, on board Nave Saint Mark, the 2023 Education Campaign for the normal marshal students of the first class of the Officers' School of Taranto.

The Education Campaign will take place throughout the Mediterranean basin, touching the ports of Palma de Mallorca (Spain), Piraeus (Greece), Beirut (Lebanon), Larnaca (Cyprus) and Izmir (Turkey) from the west to the east.

During the campaign, Nave Saint Mark, under the command of vessel captain Marco Stocco, will take part in theOperation Safe Mediterranean (OMS), ie the aeronaval device that guarantees maritime presence, surveillance and security in the Mediterranean to protect national interests, fight against illicit trafficking and guarantee freedom of navigation.

The 25th normal marshal course is made up of 142 non-commissioned officer students (of which 27 women and 115 men) who, during the campaign, integrated with the crew of Nave Saint Mark, they will acquire new knowledge and skills useful for carrying out future assignments aboard the ships of the naval squadron. The students will carry out an intense and diversified training program focused on the conduct of navigation, seafaring activities, technical and administrative-logistical notions, and will be integrated into the on-board operational staff for the planning and conduct of maritime presence, surveillance and security operations.

The training phase at sea, which sees many of them embark for the first time on a squadron unit, follows the intense year of university studies, physical and seafaring activity.

The training course at the Officers' School, together with the period of embarkation on board the ship Saint Mark, will allow the student marshals to acquire the necessary awareness of teamwork, the spirit of service and the absolute value of the crew of naval units, key principles that have characterized sea professionals for over a century.

During the final phase of the campaign, according to the most historic tradition, the students will give rise to the name, motto and flag of the course.

Wind in the sails and a future full of satisfactions for the students of the 25th Normale Marescialli course!