Morosini ship returns to the Mediterranean Sea

(To Marina Militare)

Last September 16 Ship Morosini, after over 160 days of deployment in the Indo-Pacific area, crossed the Suez Canal in a northerly direction and returned to the Mediterranean Sea, almost at the end of its naval campaign, still ongoing, and after concluding the recent operational commitment which saw it take part in the Agenor-Emasoh and Eunavfor Atalanta Operations during which it alternated activities at sea with those in port.

In fact, in addition to operational activities, activity in port was also added, with stops in Oman, Kuwait and Saudi Arabia, which as always represented a precious opportunity to consolidate collaborative relationships between the various navies with intense activity of Naval Diplomacy in a continuously changing and increasingly interconnected and critical crossroads for Italian and European commercial and maritime interests.  

The Nave campaign Morosini will continue for a few more weeks in the Mediterranean Sea, with the usual operational activities Naval Diplomacy and promotion of the country system which contributes to highlighting the concrete daily commitment of the Navy and its personnel in guaranteeing the protection of the interests of the nation.