Carabiniere ship trains with drones supporting the national industry during REPMUS and DYMS 23

(To Marina Militare)

From 11 to 29 September, in the broader framework of national participation in NATO Maritime Unmanned System Initiative (MUSI) with particular focus on the defense of critical underwater infrastructures (Critical Underwater Infrastructures CUI), the anti-submarine frigate Carabiniere took part in the experimental and training cycle consisting of two events, respectively indicated as Robot Experimentation and Prototyping augmented by Maritime Unmanned System (REPMUS) and NATO Dynamic Messenger (DYMS); activities conducted at sea on an annual basis, hosted and organized by the Portuguese navy and NATO, in the areas of Sesimbra and the Troia Peninsula.

In this context, the Italian unit sailed the waves of the Atlantic Ocean, participating in the largest technological experimentation in the Euro-Atlantic area relating to the testing, development and use of unmanned (about 100) of various types: land, naval, underwater and aerial.

At the two experimental/training phases, interspersed with a distinguished visitors day which saw the participation of high Portuguese political and NATO military officials, 14 Alliance countries and 4 observer nations took part, which used the innovative self-driving systems presented by the reference industries and research centers in the sector, with the aim of developing the operational capabilities of these vessels in multiple scenarios, including the defense of underwater infrastructures, anti-submarine warfare, amphibious operations, mine dredging, marine pollution control and even search and rescue.

The national participation recorded an intense preparatory activity which involved the representatives of the naval support and testing center (CSSN) of La Spezia and technicians from Leonardo and Fincantieri embarked on board the ship Carabiniere, of the command of Mine Countermeasure Forces (MARICODRAG) and del Navy programming center (MARICENPROG). The activity allowed us to test and integrate national and international drones with two unclassified Command and Control systems of the drones on board (LEONARDO's REPMUS Combat Management System and FINCANTIERI NEXTech's Unmanned Management System).

The event received widespread appreciation from all the participants who, in cooperation, advanced the interoperability, integration and interchangeability requirements of the various prototypes.

Ship Carabiniere, specialized in anti-submarine warfare, has supported national industries, confirming its intrinsic qualities of flexibility and high technological value also for the development of "systems of the future".