Nave Alghero and the SDAI nucleus of Cagliari explode a mine from the 2nd World War

(To Marina Militare)

On Thursday 9 November 2023, an important joint operation was completed in the waters off the Gulf of Cagliari between the minesweeper Alghero and the SDAI unit in Cagliari for the neutralization of a World War II mine.

The war device was found on October 28, at a depth of 45 meters from Nave Alghero which in total found eight mines dating back to the Second World War lying on the bottom, without anchoring systems, locating them using sonar and subsequently identifying them through the immersion of a wire-guided underwater vehicle (ROV - Remote Operated Vehicle).

The minehunter guaranteed naval support and assistance to the SDAI unit through the hyperbaric chamber, guaranteeing the safety of the divers during the dives carried out to tow three mines, transporting them to a suitable seabed for subsequent sinking.

On 9 November the SDAI unit conducted the 'blasting' operation of one of the three mines previously towed to a safe area, according to the indications of the maritime authority, 7 miles from the coast and at a depth of almost 200 metres.

The activities were carried out with the cooperation of a Guardia di Finanza patrol boat and a Coast Guard patrol boat as the result of an important integration at an inter-agency level which guaranteed the safety of the operation also ensuring the interdiction of the passage of boats in the area of ​​activity.