MM: 2000 migrant aid on weekends. I leave on Bettica ship


Over 2.000 migrants rescued by Navy ships from 778 to 5 May in the waters of the Strait of Sicily, between Lampedusa and Libya. This morning in the port of Reggio Calabria, the Bersagliere frigate landed XNUMX migrants rescued in the past few days in XNUMX different SAR events.

Vega patrolman will disembark in the port of Augusta 675 migrants rescued in two days and three May in three SAR interventions.

On board the Bettica patrol boat there are 654 migrants recovered in 4 rescue operations. During the night a woman, already embarked in labor, gave birth to a child. Both are in good health.

The Foscari patrol boat rescued a dinghy in distress last night by transferring the migrant 103 to the M / V Zeran.

The Borsini patrol carried out an SAR intervention last night against a rubber boat carrying 99 migrants.

The Navy also intervened with a Borsini ship health team on board the tug MED OTTO (ITA), which had previously intervened in rescuing migrant boats, for a health screening requested by the commander of the same tug. The doctors of the Navy, after having ascertained the death of two migrants aboard the tug, returned to the Borsini ship.

Source: Military Navy