Navy: the Palinuro training ship parked in Trieste for the Barcolana

(To Marina Militare)

On 4 October the Training Ship Palinuro will moor at the port of Trieste on the occasion of the Barcolana.

The Navy sailing ship arrives in Trieste at the end of the 59th Campaign in favor of the marshal students and the "Francesco Morosini" Military Naval School of Venice, which concluded in the port of Brindisi last 17 August.

On October 8, it will be possible to admire Nave Palinuro in the Gulf of Trieste together with the boats that will compete for victory in the largest regatta in the world.

The Navy schooner ship will also be open to visits for the benefit of the population on the following days and times:

Wednesday 4 October from 15.00pm to 19.00pm;

Thursday 05 October from 09.00 to 11.00;

Friday 06 October from 15.00pm to 17.00pm;

Saturday 07 October from 15.00pm to 19.00pm.