The Navy at the 10th International Symposium of Officers of the New Generation of the Navies of America in Lima

(To Marina Militare)

From 25 to 29 September, the annual Symposium organized by the Navy of Guerra of Peru took place in Lima which, in this edition, brought together young officers from Argentina, Bolivia, Canada, Chile, South Korea, Germany, Holland, Spain, United States and Italy, who had the opportunity to learn about the operational realities of the Peruvian Navy - ships, arsenals and Marine Infantry bases - and carry out a workshop on the topic: Future Challenges of the Navies in current Conflicts and Scenarios.

Each participating officer illustrated the characteristics of their Armed Force and described the challenges present in their reference scenario, delving into topics such as the fight against illicit trafficking, the fight against illegal fishing, cyber security, the use of drones and modern forms of naval combat. During the workshop, the importance of common maritime objectives - environment, infrastructure, freedom of navigation - and the need for naval instruments capable of protecting them in increasingly complex contexts was underlined.

In his speech entitled "Future Combat Naval System 2035 in multi-domain operations", Lieutenant Marzio Pratellesi exposed the innovation process of the Navy, analyzing the potential reference scenarios and the capacitive development of the Armed Forces through introduction of new technologies.

On 29 September, the Escuela Naval del Perú hosted the final lectio magistralis of the event in which Dr. Beatrice Heuser (University of Glasgow), Gen. Luigi Chiapperini (Army Study Centre), prof. Johannes Peters (ISPK - Kiel) and admin. Edmundo Deville (former Vice-President of the Council of the International Maritime Organization).

The participation of the Navy in the last four editions of the Symposium for young officers in Lima testifies to the deep friendship with the Navy of War of Peru, as well as the belief that only a multilateral, open and dialogue-oriented approach allows us to successfully face the challenges maritime of our era.