Navy instructors with MOST sea-riders train NATO ships

(To Marina Militare)

The consolidated cooperation between the command of mine countermeasures forces (MARICODRAG) and the mine countermeasure operational sea training (MOST), this year too has made it possible for the instructors of mine warfare training center (MARICENDRAG) participation in the training of two MHC Units (FGS Groemitz and ENS Ugandi), at the Zeebrugge naval base in Belgium.

The cooperation activity, in addition to guaranteeing the training of the Naval Units in training, offers a valid and constructive opportunity for comparison between what are considered the two main training centers in the mine countermeasures sector within the Atlantic alliance.

The activity took place from 25 September to 06 October in the North Sea, where the MARICENDRAG instructors (an officer and a non-commissioned officer) operated as an integral part of the MOST staff of sea riders (instructors) on board the Units, not only for specific training relating to mine countermeasures, but also for the conduct of navigation and naval manoeuvres.