The journey begins for 6 new officers of the San Marco marine brigade

(To Marina Militare)

Thursday 05 October 2023 took place at the Piazza d'Armi of the Castello Svevo in Brindisi, home of the command of the marine brigade Saint Mark, the delivery ceremony of the coveted grey-green beret with red frieze to the 6 attendees of the 3rd amphibious qualification course for Navy officers, following the successful completion of the specialist training process at the Caorle schools battalion.

The event, chaired by the commander of the marine brigade Saint Mark and of the military garrison of Brindisi Rear Admiral Massimiliano Grazioso, represents a rite full of meanings not only for the 6 second lieutenants of the vessel but also for the entire brigade and for anyone who has had the honor of wearing and honoring the insignia of San Marco.

To earn the privilege of being able to wear this beret, the 6 young officers had to work hard and without sparing any energy for 34 long weeks, day and night; face and successfully overcome very demanding physical, mental and conceptual tests of increasing complexity. And above all, go beyond seemingly insurmountable obstacles, thanks to unity and team spirit.

238 days in which the naval lieutenants engaged in activities involving the use of weapons, psycho-physical strengthening, topography, combat on land and in restricted environments, helicopter training, boardings, use of radio and telecommunications equipment, amphibious training, medical first aid and many more other.

Also included is the valuable collaboration established with the commands of the Pozzuolo del Friuli brigade as part of the project National Projection Screening Capacity.

Days of sacrifices, deprivations, physical, mental and courage tests and 10 complex tactical activities for the Leonis Forge with the aim of tempering and forging the 6 new Lions of the Saint Mark.

Paraphrasing the words of the commander of the Caorle schools battalion, frigate captain Michele Tortora: “today you finally deserved the coveted Basque which all the San Marco fighters have in common. Wear it with honor and pride. From today you will be looked at with the respect that those who belong to this family deserve. Honor this privilege daily. You are ready for the first of a long series of assignments from which increasingly greater responsibilities and sacrifices will arise. Face them all with respect, awareness, initiative and altruism without ever losing sight of ours and your essence."

The beret award ceremony for the 3rd amphibious qualification course for Navy officers marked a unique and indelible moment for these 6 new Navy riflemen who will join the ranks of the 1st regiment in the next few days Saint Mark to contribute to military and public security operations at home and in the international operational theaters in which the marine brigade Saint Mark works hard to protect and safeguard national institutions and interests.