Meeting between the commander of the San Marco marine brigade and the commands of MARFOREUR and UKRM

(To Marina Militare)

​On 26 and 28 September 2023 the commander of the marine brigade Saint Mark (BMSM) and the Amphibious Force (COMFORANF), Rear Admiral Massimiliano Grazioso, visited the Marine Corps Forces Europe and Africa (MARFOREUR/AF) in Boeblingen and the 3rd commando brigade of the United Kingdom Royal Marines (UKRM) in Plymouth, meeting respectively the maj. gen. Robert B. Sofge Jr (commander of US MARFOREUR and AFRICA) and brig. gen. Duncan Forbes (3rd Commando Brigade Commander).

The meetings were fruitful both for learning more about the realities of the two prestigious commands and for strengthening the relationships that have already been in place for several years. The exchange of information has allowed staff to increase their knowledge and improve decision-making processes, broadening the characteristics for an increasingly solid and fruitful collaboration.
The amphibious sector represents an area of ​​primary importance at NATO level, being multi-domain, versatile, flexible and modular according to needs. For these reasons, the naval team has placed particular attention on these initiatives, promoting opportunities aimed at comparison with other international landing forces belonging to NATO and the European Union.

Joint activities and future developments were the topics covered in these days, always placing emphasis on a constructive and harmonious relationship between the amphibious components. For over 40 years the BMSM has established cooperation in the international field, both in the operational and training fields, to make its capabilities available to the Alliance and the European Union and share the know-how of the amphibious component.