Undersecretary Perego on Nave Marceglia in Copenhagen: "Denmark is a friendly country in Europe and in NATO"


“Marceglia ship, with approximately 200 men and women of its crew in port in Copenhagen” said the Undersecretary of State for Defense in the incipit of his greeting address on board the Navy unit “in a friendly state like Denmark, close to our maritime traditions and sharing, like our country, the important international coalitions NATO and the EU”.

“I dare to undertake every undertaking” continued Perego “a motto of courage and spirit of sacrifice was that of the cruiser Pola, a ship linked to Antonio Marceglia and a memory of sailors who fell in battle, which cannot be forgotten”.

“You are part of an important device of the Atlantic alliance deployed in the Baltic Sea” continued the undersecretary “with the aim of strengthening vigilance, acquiring Maritime Situation Awareness (MSA) in the area of ​​Operation Brilliant Shield, and training with friendly and allied states increasing your operational capabilities, and then in December handing over to a 'another unit, another crew'.

During the presence on board the ship Marceglia In addition to the Italian ambassador Stefania Rosini, Undersecretary Perego met with representatives of the Danish Foreign Ministry, including the Secretary of State for Foreign Affairs Lisbet Zilmer Johis and the head of international relations Peter Emil Engedal, with whom he explored the possibility of collaboration in the Defense sector with the National Industry and with our armed forces in the training sector.