The Sea to Touch - The Comsubin alongside blind divers

(To Marina Militare)

Friday 23 June – It is certainly a significant day at the Diving and Inshore Pools “Teseo Tesei”: in the wake of the collaboration with HSA Italia (Handicapped Scuba Association International), a bronze plaque with the Braille alphabet was placed on the seabed facing the island of Tino.

The Divers of the Diving Operations Group of Comsubin, in collaboration with the municipality of Portovenere, accompanied some blind divers during the installation of the aforementioned plate, in a context of great solidarity as a formidable tool for inclusion, awareness and moral and psychological support.

The underwater world in fact represents an undoubted opportunity to meet, socialize and get to know each other, which allows these extraordinary divers to live exhilarating experiences, to put themselves to the test and to overcome small and large barriers, and who from today will also have the opportunity to explore and get to know better the depths of the gulf of La Spezia through tactile contact with the beautiful plate designed by HSA, which describes the surrounding depths.