The 1st volunteer course is ready for use on board the units of the naval team

(To Marina Militare)

At the end of the basic specialist professional training period, which began on 19 June 2023, i Volunteers in Initial Stop (VFI) belonging to the first course have undertaken the training course aimed at acquiring more specific knowledge and skills necessary for employment in future destinations.

In fact, from 4 September to 6 October, 135 VFIs attended the basic courses in passive defence, fire prevention and anti-failure, essential to be able to operate in the on-board security teams during activities at sea and in port and the Force Protection course held by instructors of the San Marco Marine Brigade, indispensable, however, to carry out tasks within the Installation Defense Service.

During the training period the attendees not only learned important new professional skills that will allow them to be immediately and usefully employable in an operational context but they strengthened their physical and mental resistance and acquired greater awareness and confidence in their abilities.

From October 9, at the end of the courses, the sailors of the 1st VFI will leave the Institute to reach their first destination on board the units of the naval team.

 Wishing them all calm seas and favorable winds!