The Alghero, Chioggia and Viareggio minehunters train together with the Rossetti experience ship

(To Marina Militare)

On 3 and 4 October the minehunters Alghero, Chioggia, and Viareggio they were involved in a department outing which saw them as protagonists of an intense training activity together with the experience ship Raffaele Rossetti in the waters of the Gulf of Poets.

The units trained by carrying out numerous serial multi-domain exercises such as asymmetric threat countering, driving on a dredged channel, kinematic maneuvers, towing between naval units, as well as night-time search and identification activities on the seabed.

The activity carried out at sea provided the crews of the ships involved with an opportunity to increase the capacity for interoperability and integration between functional teams, in order to further increase the level of operational readiness. Furthermore, the four units "welcomed" the ship into the sea Galatea of the Ship Leonardo, also belonging to MARICODRAG and returning from their hydrographic and research activities.

During the night the minehunters also carried out activities bottom survey e route survey which allowed them to monitor the state of underwater pipelines and free access to ports, specific activities of the units operating under the command of the Mine Countermeasures Forces. Furthermore, in full sign of the inter-ministerial and inter-agency collaboration capabilities, seabed control activities were carried out near the floating terminal of the OLT (Offshore LNG Terminal) regasifier in Livorno, in collaboration with the Ministry of the Environment and Development economic.

Upon returning to the naval base in La Spezia, the Units will continue to train also in port to guarantee the high operational readiness necessary to ensure the fulfillment of institutional tasks to protect national interests and guarantee freedom of navigation.