Marina's raiders on the summit of the Matterhorn

(To Marina Militare)

​1973 is a significant year for Italian mountaineering: in the first days of May one of the greatest feats in history was accomplished with the reaching, by a military expedition, of the summit of Everest, the peak of the world at over 8800 meters above sea level, and in which three Navy raiders also participated.

In memory of the fiftieth anniversary of that memorable event, three Comsubin raiders, with the precious collaboration of an instructor of the Alpine training center of Aosta, have completed a new significant undertaking: the ascent of Mount Cervino to over 4400 metres, an activity of notable training return which sees the Incursori combine the well-known and unique peculiarities in the maritime field with top level skills in other dimensions and which make operators able to intervene in any scenario.

The Matterhorn, with its majesty and beauty, represents a unique challenge, requiring climbers to have technical skills and in-depth knowledge of the mountains, as well as considerable physical ability, determination and iron team spirit. As in 1973, these men relied on the strength of the group to overcome the difficulties they encountered along the way, their preparation was meticulous to challenge the most extreme situations and the complete success of the training moment is the clearest testimony to this.