Comsubin: the Diving School in training activity in Riva Del Garda

(To Marina Militare)

Riva del Garda - The educational path of a future Navy diver must necessarily be multifaceted, in order to confirm itself as a flexible tool in increasingly extreme and stimulating environments. You must learn to operate in all conditions: dark, cold, salty and fresh water; so here it is Diving School of Comsubin, from 12 to 22 September, conducted an exercise for this purpose in Riva del Garda, where optimal conditions exist for the creation of scenarios with high training value: over 40 meters of seabed a few meters away from the shore, in sweets characterized by low temperatures and poor visibility, all conducted with the use of semi-closed gas and closed-circuit oxygen breathing apparatus, ideal for approaching explosive devices thanks to the low acoustic and magnetic signature.

La Diving School was able to achieve this objective thanks to the precious and enormous logistical support of the port of San Nicolò and the diving group of Riva del Garda, which hosted and guarded the equipment and offered logistical support to all military personnel.

A training moment of fundamental importance which, in the tradition of the first diving school established in Genoa way back in 1849, maintains the cornerstones of the glorious past but which evolves in parallel with the technological innovation of vehicles and breathing apparatus and the continuous development of new procedures.