Comsubin, patented two raiders


Last Friday morning, in the same place where the men of the underwater assault vehicles prepared for their legendary exploits (Bocca di Serchio), the Underwater and Raiders Group 'Teseo Tesei' celebrated the achievement of the Green Basque by Incursor by two young officers.

The event, unique in the history of Comsubin, has allowed to revive the house of the estate Salviati that has hosted the officers, the non-commissioned officers and the sailors of the assault vehicles with the same spirit of the Serchio described by Admiral Birindelli, in his book 'Life as a Sailor': "... At Serchio there had been created, in a true, profound and sincere way, that 'band of brothers' that constituted an ideal of the young students of the Naval Academy and to be united as blood relatives was not rhetoric; as it was not the desire to give in every possible way everything that could be done to an Italy that we loved above all things. "That spirit of the Serchio was created there that none of us could ever forget ...".

Thus in the presence of the Chief of Staff of the Navy, team admiral Giuseppe De Giorgi, of the raiders in service at the GOI (Incursori Operational Group) and of those no longer in service of the ANAIM (National Association of Arditi Incursori di Marina), two Officers returning from the strict selection of the Ordinary Incursori course received the patent wearing the much coveted green beret of the historic category.

The ceremony was preceded by the deposition of a crown in memory of the heroes who trained in those places and by the delivery of a Bronze Medal of Valor of the Navy and two Gold Medals of Merit of Navy to two non-commissioned officers Incursori, granted for the their admirable behavior during several operations conducted in Afghanistan.

Source: Military Navy