Lamp ceremony for the Red Cross Nurses at the Naval Academy

(To Marina Militare)

Saturday 21 October 2023, on the occasion of the 115th anniversary of the foundation of body of Volunteer Nurses of the Italian Red Cross, the Naval Academy, for the first time in history, hosted the "Lamp Delivery Ceremony", with which the students of the Volunteer Nursing School of the Italian Red Cross - affectionately known as "Crocerossine" - officially access the body, collecting, together with the lamp, the spiritual legacy of the founder, Lady Florence Nightingale, pioneer of modern nursing care, known for making use of a lantern to be able to offer , even at night, care and comfort for the wounded of the Crimean War.

The ceremony had an exceptional setting - the brigantine silhouetted against a splendid Livorno sunset - and took place in the presence of the national inspector of the corps of Volunteer Nurses, sister Emilia Bruna Scarcella and the commander of the Institute Rear Admiral Lorenzano Di Renzo. To the 33 new "sisters", entrusted to the Regional Inspector of Tuscany, sister Maria Laura Negri, after the ritual of lighting the Lamps by the sisters who, for their length of service and commitment have distinguished themselves over the years, the symbols that distinguish the nurses of the corps.

“A ritual that has very great similarities with those that normally take place in this place and which aim to mark a passage, to mark the completion of a metamorphosis, the transition from the preparation and study phase to the Service phase, that is that of assuming responsibility towards others, the country and the international community, which, starting today, these girls will voluntarily take on." 

This is the certificate of profound esteem expressed by the commander of the Naval Academy, who, during his speech, recalled the salient moments of the historical partnership established between the corps and the Armed Force dating back to 1911, the date of the embarkation of the first contingent " of Red Cross Nurses" on a Navy ship.

“The lamp ceremony marks the transition from aspiring sister to Red Cross nurse. The light we pass on is that of the cross we carry on our chest and which reflects our motto Love Comfort Work Save", the national inspector remarked in her speech.

Both the Chief of Staff of the Navy, Admiral Enrico Credendino, and the Chief of Staff of the Defense, Admiral Giuseppe Cavo Dragone, wanted to convey their message of greeting and best wishes to the new sisters.

Since 1908, the year the body was founded, the light of the volunteer nurses of the Italian Red Cross shines incessantly and reverberates in the lives of those who are touched by their loving care.

From all the sailors, the warmest wishes for the mission that unfolds before them.