The 30th VFP4 course ends at the NCO school in Taranto

(To Marina Militare)

On Wednesday 21 June, with the ritual photo at the end of the course, the 30th “ATLAS” course for volunteers in service fixed at 4 years (VFP4) concluded. The 335 VFP4s completed an intense, articulated and professional training course lasting 16 weeks.

Divided into categories and specialties, they followed different specialized training modules carried out in the Institute's laboratories. They attended courses on "safety in the workplace" and fire-fighting and anti-fouling courses. In these 4 months they also had to pass various tests of physical efficiency including running, swimming and bodyweight exercises.

“Every moment of the day has proved to be a precious opportunity for personal and professional growth… I am happy with the category that has been assigned to me, and since the first lesson held in the laboratory I have been passionate about my studies. Now I can't wait to reach the next destination and start putting into practice what I've learned in Mariscuola Taranto." Municipality of 1st class M/ETE/Dt Domenico Faraci.

Calm seas and tailwind for the boys of the 30th VFP4 "ATLAS" course.