The educational campaign of the Naval School “F. Morosini” on board the Nave San Giorgio

(To Marina Militare)

It began aboard Ship St. George the Education campaign in favor of the students of the Military Naval School “F. Morosini".

Monday 12 June, after the greeting by the Chief of Staff of the command schools of the Navy, Rear Admiral Alberto Tarabotto, Ship St. George she unmoored from the Port of La Spezia and has begun her navigation which will bring her to touch the ports of Malta and Trieste.

The 49 students of the "Meithras" course, in the 2nd year of their experience within the Military Naval School, will be made an integral part of the amphibious unit crew, going to support the figures on board in the various roles and tasks at the inside the Bridge, of the Propulsion and Combat Operations Centre. Furthermore, there will be numerous educational-training opportunities offered, useful for the growth of the cultural background of each student, as well as the values ​​of discipline and honor, which have always distinguished the Armed Forces .