90th anniversary of the Palombari category - Evening event in Portovenere


It was 15 June 1933 when, with a special law, the "first formation of the category of Palombari" of the royal body of maritime crews was established. Ninety years have therefore passed since that moment so significant and rich in an even longer history, which draws its origins from the school founded in Genoa in 1849 and subsequently transferred to the Varignano fortress on 10 November 1910.

As part of the celebrations related to the significant anniversary, the evocative scenario of Piazza San Pietro in Portovenere was the backdrop for an evening event, where the history of the diving departments was told, through a fascinating journey built on the tradition and extraordinary technological modernity of today's divers, by characters of the caliber of Roberto Giacobbo, science communicator and Mediaset presenter, by the historian Fabio Vitale, president of the Historical Diving Society, by Patrizia Maiorca, daughter of the unforgettable Enzo, by the rear admiral (r) Silvano Benedetti former director of the Naval Technical Museum and Rear Admiral Massimiliano Rossi commander of COMSUBIN (underwater group and raiders "Teseo Tesei"), with masterful management of the evening by the RAI journalist Marzia Roncacci.