70th Anniversary of the Broadcasting Corps

(To Army Majority State)

This morning at the transmission command in Rome, in the presence of the Chief of Staff of the Army Corps General Pietro Serino, the celebration ceremony of the 70th Anniversary of the Transmission Force took place.

Symbolically linked to the second Battle of the Piave or "Battle of the Solstice", the Arma delle Trasmissioni, at the time specialized in connections of the Engineers, contributed in a decisive way with its telegraph operators, radio operators and radio operators to repel the advance of the Austro-Hungarian troops and to carry out one of the most significant military events of our history.

During the ceremony, the Chief of Staff of the Army, in the presence of Dr. Ilaria Diana Paresce, great-granddaughter of the Nobel Prize for Physics Guglielmo Marconi and numerous civil, military and religious authorities, awarded the Arma delle Trasmissioni with the Medal of 'Silver of Army Valor for having "... ensured its qualified and exemplary contribution by guaranteeing, often, in conditions of extreme difficulty, the indispensable and fundamental support to the units deployed, in the event of very serious disasters, as well as to the military contingents employed in risky crisis scenarios from 1998 to 2022 ... ”.

In his speech, the Chief of Staff of the Army underlined how strong it is "transmitters' passion for a task that combines ability, technique and militarism" and how great is the Army's gratitude for "the sacrifices and commitment of the men and women of the Arma delle Trasmissioni, always carried out with tenacity and modesty without any saving of energy". The company banners with the historical numbering assigned to the broadcasting companies following a study elaborated by the transmission command and by 'historical office of the General Staff of the Army.

​To anticipate the celebrations, the conference entitled "Transmissions: men and technologies at the service of the country" in the presence, among others, of Mrs. Elettra Marconi, daughter of Gugliemo. During the meeting, the peculiarities of the Transmission Corps were illustrated by retracing the historical and significant stages that traced the evolution of Army radio communications in the two world wars.

​​​The Transmission Corps guarantees constant support to all Army units, at home and abroad, in a scenario characterized by continuous and very rapid technological evolution and with a growing need for security in management and transmission of data, placing itself fully among the most modern and technological components of the Armed Forces.