158th anniversary of the Port Authority Corps

(To Marina Militare)

​Today, 20 July 2023, is the 158th anniversary of the birth of the port authorities, celebrated by the regional commands of the Coast Guard as well as in Rome, at the headquarters of the general command, with a military ceremony attended by the Chief of Staff of the Navy, team admiral Enrico Credendino, welcomed at the headquarters by the general commander of the body of the port authorities - Coast Guard, Admiral Chief Inspector Nicola Carlone.

The surrender of honors for the highest authority and the review of the deployed military personnel was followed by the delivery of the honors awarded to the commands and personnel of the corps: Silver Medal of Civil Merit to the Port Authority of Molfetta, represented by the commander, frigate captain Giulia Petruzzi, Bronze Medal of Civil Merit to the lgt Np Fortunati Diego, to the 2nd Chief Adjutant Np Francica Francesco, to the Deputy Chief of 1st Class Np ​​La Fauci Carmelo, to the Deputy Chief of 2nd class Np ​​Mosca Raffaele. Finally, the Certificate of Merit for Civil Merit was delivered to the 2nd Chief Adjutant Np Piccardi Giovannangelo.

"In 2023 – the words of Admiral Carlone – one hundred and fifty-eight years after its founding, the Corps has made incredible progress. He did so starting from the awareness of his values ​​and his historical tasks but also knowing how to accept the challenges of the future. Today, through the Capitanerie, the State exercises its multiple and diversified powers, on the sea, on major lakes and along the coasts of the country. The Corps is and wants to continue to offer a solid point of reference for the maritime and port cluster."

“My applause goes to Admiral Carlone and to the women and men of the port authorities who work every day for the safety and protection of the sea in favor of the community. - said Admiral Credendino in his speech - You all do an extraordinary job, a sailor never leaves anyone in trouble and you represent this worldwide, in an extraordinary way, by doing a very difficult job and in very difficult conditions.”