Finished the 8th Force Collection Activity course

(To Greater Defense)

The 8th course ended in recent days Force Collection Activity.

Led by the instructors of Tactical Information Training Center (Ce.FIT) in the city of Motta di Livenza (TV), the course was aimed at the personnel of the 28th "Pavia" regiment and of the Multinational CIMIC Group in order to increase the integration between the departments of the Tactical Information Brigade, continuing the process started over a year ago which saw the completion, in recent months, of the 1st experimental course on the Information Maneuver.

The course Force Collection Activity is aimed at increasing the participants' ability to relate to the local population and authorities and to acquire knowledge of the area, in order to implement the so-called situational awareness.

The theoretical phase was followed by a series of practical activities, culminating in an exercise in the municipality of Spilinbergo (PN), in which the visitors had the opportunity to apply the notions learned by interacting with the officials of the Friulian municipality.