Viterbo: the marshal student courses of the Italian Army and the Air Force swear together

(To Army Majority State)

The joint swearing-in ceremony of the 19th marshal student course of the Italian Army and the equivalent marshal student course of the Air Force took place today, Friday 26 April, in Viterbo, at the Air Force Marshal School.

The ceremony, presided over by the Minister of Defense Guido Crosetto, and in the presence of the Chief of Staff of the Air Force General Luca Goretti, the Chief of Staff of the Army General Carmine Masiello, and numerous military, civil and religious authorities, saw 140 marshal students of the "Fortitude" course swear loyalty to the Italian Republic and its institutions Officers' School of the Italian Army and 135 marshal students of the "Gladius II" course of the Marshals School of the Air Force. Also present were those responsible for the training of the two Armed Forces, the general of the army Carlo Lamanna, commander for training, specialization and doctrine of the Army, and the general of the air force Silvano Frigerio, commander of the schools of the Air Force and of the 3rd air region, as well as all the highest authorities of the territory, by the vice mayor of Viterbo, Dr. Alfonso Antoniozzi, to the prefect of Viterbo, Dr. Gennaro Capo, to the president of the Province of Viterbo, Dr. Alessandro Romoli, and the bishop of the diocese of Viterbo, ser mons. Orazio Francesco Piazza.

After the entry, on the site of the ceremony, of the Banner of the city of Viterbo and of the Province of Viterbo, of the Banners of the Combatant and Weapons Associations and, subsequently, of the Institute Flag of the Officers' School of the Army and Marshals School of the Air Force, the commander of the AM Marshal School, with the. Gianluca Spina, and the commander of the Army Non-Official School, with the. Fabrizio Barone, calling to him the respective Institute Flags, read the two oath formulas, sealed by the emotional cry of "I swear", vibrated in unison by the two swearing courses and by the overflight of a formation of TH-500 helicopters , HH-139 and HH-101 of the Air Force.

“Today is an intimate moral commitment that you have made towards the country and your own conscience, a commitment that constitutes the basis on which to set up and build your life and your identity as a soldier, a concentration of values ​​that serve as an example for their colleagues, but also for all Italians who look to military institutions for a place to place their trust and entrust their safety", said the col. Spina in his intervention. "You will soon be alongside those involved in the defense of national airspace, in operations abroad, in humanitarian transport missions or in rescue missions for populations affected by natural disasters. Face this commitment with loyalty and in the difficult moments that come, remember of the sensations you are experiencing and the principles that we have transmitted to you during your training path".

Col. then spoke. Barone who, addressing the young students, urged them to be "courageous, not only physically but above all morally, that courage that you must draw on with both hands to make the difficult decisions that you will inevitably face. Be curious and hungry for knowledge, it is the only way to always be part of the solution to operational problems that will be presented to you. The expectations that the Army places in you are many and ambitious, I am sure that you will prove to be equal to those who preceded you, I am sure that your steadfastness will guide you along the path of duty and honor. ".

The ceremony, marked by the notes of a mixed musical band made up of members of the Italian Army and the Air Force, then continued with the baptism of the 26th marshals course of the AM - which took the name of "Glaudius II" - imparted by the bishop of the City of Viterbo, Ser Mons. Orazio Francesco Piazza, and with the subsequent "blessing of the pennant" which, from the hands of the president, chief of non-commissioned officers, graduates and enlisted men for the Air Force, 1st lieutenant Mario Bonaventura, passed to those of the godfather of the course, 1st m.llo Raffaele Esposito, and in turn to the head of the course. A traditional moment of exchange which ideally aims to symbolize the handover of values, traditions and ideals between generations of marshals who have operated and will continue to operate in the service of the country. This was followed by the reading of the Prayer of the Fatherland by the course leader of the Army swearing course, already called "Fortitude" at the time of incorporation.

"You have chosen to be part of a new family, in addition to the one that derives from your personal affections, that of Defense", said Defense Minister Guido Crosetto in his speech. "I am honored to represent the State that bows before the life choice you have made. I do not ask you to be heroes but to be just and always know how to discern good from evil, right from wrong. To all of you I entrust a part of mine and your future which is also the future of all of us: the defense of the homeland".

Photo: Aeronautica Militare