The Minister of Defense at the joint Solemn Oath of the Navy and Carabinieri

(To Greater Defense)

The Minister of Defense, Guido Crosetto, took part in the joint Solemn Oath ceremony of the students of the 26th normal marshals course of the Navy and the students of the 142nd carabinieri course.

"Welcome to the great Defense family. It is an honor to be here to witness a solemn moment, the beginning of a life journey dedicated to Italy. Peace and freedom can no longer be taken for granted and require daily commitment. preparing for this too. You are the future of Defense. You will learn to navigate unknown waters, to ensure the safety of our roads, to make quick decisions in crisis situations while respecting values ​​and traditions of the country", declared Minister Crosetto during his speech. 

“No one asks and will ever ask you to be or become heroes. You don't have to be heroes. You have to be fair. You must learn to discern between good and evil. And you must learn to do it at the right time, when it will be important to choose between good and evil, when it will be important to remember that the uniform you wear requires you to be fair, to look at others, to understand the situation you find yourself facing. , aware that you do not represent yourselves, but you represent the State. Today you become even more part of the State. From today you are the garrison on which democracy is based, on which the freedom of the institutions and of your fellow citizens is based"added the minister.

Minister Crosetto, in his speech, remembered Marshal Francesco Pastore and Carabiniere Francesco Ferraro, soldiers of the Carabinieri who recently passed away in the course of their service (link to the video).